Upcoming ESRA courses… Register today!

Because spots are limited and demand is increasing, we invite the financial institutions of the Latin American region to reserve their place in the next Environmental and Social Risk Analysis Course (ESRA). Your last chance to take it in english in 2017 is from November 6th to 24th . This course aims to help the participating financial institutions in improving their competitiveness…

Results of the 2016 Ecobanking survey

“The State of Environmental and Social Policy and Practice in Financial Institutions in Latin America”: A report by the Ecobanking Project, CLACDS, INCAE Business School

How sustainable is the Latin American Banking today? What is the status of Latin American Financial Institutions in terms of analyzing environmental and social risks? ….

E&S Risk analysis applied to sporting events

Today, the world must seize every opportunity, not only to protect an already stressed environment, but to do so intelligently, including taking advantage of sporting events (such as the 2018 World Cup ). As the date approaches, it becomes clear that it is urgent to educate, spread the cause and create focus on   the mitigation of environmental and…