To enhance the competitiveness of the Latin American financial sector by promoting and supporting innovative sustainability-oriented (“green” and “social”) financial investments.

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  • 49th course on Environmental and Social Risk Analysis

    This week, banking professionals from eight countries across Latin America and Europe entered their second week of  online training on the Environmental and Social Risk Analysis  (ESRA) course in Spanish which started on August 14 and will go on until September 1, 2017. This course is sponsored in part by the United Nations Environmental Program Finance Initiative (UNEP…

  • 48th Online course ***in spanish*** on Environmental and Social Risk Analysis

    ARAS covers the environmental and social sides of investment projects, evaluating potential risks generated by each project. This is the spanish edition of the course. For ESRA, the english edition and the full calendar, please visit:

  • Ecobanking in the news

    The dissemination of information on sustainable finance issues is key to the worldwide promotion of a green culture. This is the challenge assumed by the Ecobanking project, and the results are not long in coming. Time is of the essence…

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  • ESRA Ongoing training

    ESRA (Environmental and Social Risk Analysis) Online Course in Spanish is taking place from March 6th to March 24, 2017.

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